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Stroage Freezer

Stainless steel Freezer & Refrigerators

Tested at +35°C in 70% relative humidity 

Structural in 100% stainless steel 304.  IF USE S/S 201,THE PRICE WILL CHEAPER USD200.00

Compressor : Aspara compressor with R404A Gas. 

Insulation in polyurethane thickness 60 mm  

Ventilated cooling system with fan assisted cooling for even temperature on all place.(Air-Cooling)

Easy setting by digital temperature control board

ModelDimension(LxDxH)Packing SizePowerPowerWeight Temperature
CDG-1Door720*850*1980800*930*2160220v/50HZ345W 90KG-14~-18℃
CDG-2Door1350*850*19801400*930*2160220v/50HZ650W 180KG-14~-18℃
CDG-3Door2000*850*19802150x930x2160220v/50hz980W 265KG-14~-18℃

The structure can use stainless steel 304★CE certification for Europe and 3C certification in China.

Stroage Freezer

Stroage Freezer

Stroage Freezer

Stroage Freezer

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