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Batch Freezer

The products are frozen in a batch freezer, designed to produce low or high overrun frozen dessert in batches.Just add mix to the batch freezer, pour in the desired flavorings. When the freezing cycle is complete, dispense the product into a container for storage in a hardening cabinet or serving display case. Candy, nuts or fruit are added as the frozen product is dispensed. The ice cream is an excellent addition to any menu, because the food cost associated with making your own ice cream is low, resulting in a 70-80% profit margin.

1. Specification

* Product Offerings: Gelato, Sorbet, Italian Ice and Slush

* Freezing Cylinder: One, 20 quart (18.9 liter)

* Compressor: Tecumseh Compressor with R404A Gas, Air-Cooling

* Features: Totally Automatic or Semi-Automatic Setting

* Structure: Full Stainless steel Structure, Water Tab for cleaning

TYPEDimension/尺寸PowerPowerTank VolumeCapacityPowerNet Weight
XI-30518*740*1450mm2800W220V 50Hz15 Liters30Liter/hour2 HP168KG
XI-45518*740*1450mm3500W220V 50Hz15 Liters45Liter/hour2HP180KG
XI-60620*800*1540mm5800W380V 50Hz40 Liters60Liter/hour5HP235KG

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