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Blast Freezer

The blast chillers can fast freezing the ice cream (or other food) and reducing the central temperature of the food to a target level very quickly. The blast freezers designed and engineered for the needs of restaurants, bakeries, pastry and ice cream production, to freeze the object very fast under very low temperature.

Fast freezing prevent ice appears during temperature reducing. Blast chilling and blast freezing can be controlled by probe temperature or by timer, Digital read-out of the chilling cavity or core product temperature. Automatic keep frozen function after process finished.

ModelSize(L*W*H) (mm)    Inside sizePowerSourcePower  Weight   Flavors(5liter trays)
F-02500*700*750400x470x200 mm   37L220v/50HZ750 145KG2 Pan x1 Layer
F-04500*700*900400x470x300 mm   68L220v/50HZ 950 160KG4 Pan x2 Layer
F-06500*700*1050400x470x460mm  104L220v/50HZ 1600 180KG6 Pan x3 Layer
F-08500*700*1200400x470x620 mm  141L220v/50HZ 1800 220KG8 Pan x4 Layer
F-10500*700*1400400x470x820 mm  181L220v/50HZ 1800 220KG10 Pan x4 Layer
F-12500*700*1600400x470x1020mm 200L220v/50HZ 1800 220KG12 Pan x4 Layer

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